A Playbook for Conquering your Life

We’re an online magazine for the ‘everyman’ looking to get more out of life.  Most men’s sites either try to convince guys they need $400 shoes to be successful or assume they don’t have anything better to do than play video games all weekend. We’re different. Whether it’s making smart career choices or grilling a better burger, we provide no-nonsense information and actionable next steps without the fluff found on other sites.

Our typical reader is a family man who probably raised a little hell in his younger days but has been tamed by the responsibilities of adult life. His rebellious streak remains, but now he wants to channel it towards building a better life for himself and those that matter to him. He values results, not diplomas. He’s not tech-challenged, but he doesn’t automatically buy into every new gadget or service; if it makes life easier or helps him accomplish his goals, he’s interested.

Guys who read our online magazine can either fill up on helpful info quickly and get back on life’s highway by focusing on an articles’ main takeaways or dive deep on a topic to get everything they need to take life by the horns.

Thanks for reading, and drop us a line if you love or hate what you find here on Fuel’d.


Robbie Campo

Co-Editor in Chief

Fueld Editor in Chief