In my neck of the woods it’s a little hot to go camping right this second if I stay close by, but I’m already gearing up for a spectacular fall camping season. By gearing up, I mean that I’m stocking up on new gear to take into the wild to make sure I don’t get stuck somewhere without anything I need (or want to have with me).

Short Version
  • Fold-up backpacks and Monster tents
  • Small cookers and an almost full kitchen
  • Bathroom facilities for the private and the indiscriminate
  • A jacket that’s a sleeping bag.  And a tent.
  • The ultimate Swiss army knife
  • Chill pads and hot showers
  • Of course, bacon
In researching gear I’ve come across some pretty cool stuff, so I thought I would share some with you to get you thinking about your own gear. Just like technology, the advances in modern outdoorsmanship keep on coming. Whether you are really looking to rough it in your own man versus wild adventure or you’re taking the whole family out and need to take some more modern conveniences along, there’s sure to be something in this list that will either make you hit Amazon right away or at least get you thinking.


Awesome Pieces of Camping Gear

Maxpedition Backpack

1. Maxpedition RollyPoly Extreme backpack

You get to your camping spot and set everything up so the wife is comfortable, but you aren’t about to sit in one place all weekend. Taking along a full backpack is not only more cumbersome, it also signals your intentions to head down the trails for a while. This cool pack folds up into a pocket-sized bundle, so you can unroll it discreetly and disappear into the brush with your son before she can object.


2. Bushnell Backtrack GPS

Of course the last thing you want to do is get lost in the woods after you leave the campsite, especially if she wasn’t thrilled with you taking off anyway. This small portable GPS stores three separate locations and will guide you back home when you lose your way. Or it can take you back to the awesome waterfalls you found exploring.


3. Tahoe Gear Glacier 12-14 person tent

When you’ve got the whole crew going along – wife, kids, friends, and cousin Eddie – you need room. This mega tent will sleep 14 people if they are aligned perfectly and according to diagram, which means that 6 or 8 should camp in luxury. For less than $250 that’s a great deal, especially with the separate ‘master suite’ that can be blocked off from the rabble.


Awesome Pieces of Camping Gear

Orange Solar Concept Tent

4. Orange Solar Tent (concept)

This one isn’t for sale, but if it ever does get mass produced you can bet I’ll be on the waiting list. The tant has built-in solar panels that give it lighting at night, charging power for electronics, and even a heated floor for cold nights.


5. The CristalBubble

This one is for sale, but only if you have around nine grand to drop on a tent. Except it’s not so much a tent as it is a protective outdoor experience. It is a completely transparent bubble the size of a small room, which allows 360 degree views from an enclosed space. It even has an air renewal system built in. Yes, like air conditioning.


6. Selk’bag

It’s hard to crawl out of the sleeping bag on a cold morning, so don’t. The Selk’bag is a sleeping bag in the shape of a full bodysuit, so it can be used to keep you warm whether you are sleeping or hanging out around the camp.


Awesome Pieces of Camping Gear


7. JakPak

If you really want to consolidate, this is a weather-proof jacket, sleeping bag, and tent all in one. Just unpack it a little more each time to go from wearable raincoat to a full outdoors sleep system for one.


8. Stone Mountain Bug Beater Pro Hammock

If you’re going it alone, don’t hassle with a full tent, even a small one. This hammock will keep you up and away from spiders and snakes, and the mesh covering will keep off the mosquitos and crawly things. With built in storage sleeve and pockets, the only thing you may need extra is a tarp for the rain.


9. Cgear Sand-free Multimat

The perfect beach accessory, this mat lets sand and loose dirt fall through it to the ground below. It’s a little heavy to lug around a lot, but it can also be put inside your tent to keep it cleaner and give you a cushioned floor.


10. i.hut XL privacy enclosure

You may want a private shower space, but you definitely want a private space to do your business. This enclosure can have multiple uses and gives you space to move around inside.


11. The TePee

What about the roof? This upgraded privacy enclosure adds the roof and even more space inside. It also has vents at the bottom to allow shower water to drain out and keep it ventilated.


12. Hot Tap portable hot shower

You can always use a portable shower that needs to have the water heated by the sun, but this gives you hot water on demand. If there’s any comfort of home most of us would choose above all else, it’s hot water.


13. GSU Cedar Shower Deck

With the privacy enclosure and the hot water shower set up, all you need is something to stand on. This fold-up shower deck also holds all of your shampoo, soap, and other supplies for getting cleaned up.


Awesome Pieces of Camping Gear

Off Road Commode

14. Personal porta-potty

The perfect companion to the TePee, this personal porta-potty flushes with a button and has easily removable bins for waste. No need to be uncivilized just because you’re in the wild.


15. Off-road Commode

If the previous potty solution is to froo-froo for you manly men, you still can’t tell me you wouldn’t like a seat. Hook this up to your truck’s hitch receiver so you can stop and go anywhere that you won’t be arrested for public indecency.


16. Crank and solar powered AM/FM/NOAA Radio, flashlight, smartphone charger

A small and lightweight solution for keeping tabs on the weather, having a flashlight, and keeping your smartphone charged. Solar panels keep it charged but it also has the option for instant charging by hand crank.


17. Biolite

I am definitely getting one of these. Sterno and other portable camp cookers need fuel, which means carrying more stuff and more trash. The Biolite uses twigs, pinecones, and other stuff you’ll find on the ground to cook, and it does it well. High heat, a built-in fan powered by the heat, and it even uses the converted electricity to charge USB devices.


Awesome Pieces of Camping Gear

Tactical Bacon

18. Tactical Bacon

I shouldn’t have to explain this. It’s bacon, in a can, that will stay preserved. Why do you need this? Because it’s bacon, man. Are you really going out in the wild without bacon?


19. Grub Hub Camp Kitchen

You can’t take your whole kitchen with you camping. Even most grills are a bit much. This is the answer for those who just have to have more than a fire pit and a kettle. An amazing kitchen setup that folds into a suitcase-sized carrying case. So much for roughing it.

Awesome Pieces of Camping Gear

Victorinox SwissChamp XAVT

20. Victorinox SwissChamp XAVT

Yes, it is real. Your multi-tool doesn’t have “X”. Your Swiss-army knife doesn’t have “Y”. That’s because you don’t have this. Made by the original Swiss-army folks at Victorinox, this massive multi-tool has 80- functions to it, including flashlight, pen, magnifying glass, fish scaler, barometer, altimeter, thermometer, and probably several other -ometers that you would find useful.


21. Chilly Pad

Stay cool when it gets too hot. These pads keep you up to 20 degrees cooler than the outside temperature. Just add water and let it cool for a minute. You can find knock-offs that work well all over these days, even at dollar stores.


Camping Gear Checklist
  • You should always have a  LifeStraw or two on hand
  • The Henry AR-7 is a great compact emergency rifle
  • Daryl Dixon’s bow doesn’t look this cool
  • If you buy a CristalBubble, please invite me to see it
  • Tactical bacon, in case you missed it

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